What Clients Say

I would just like to say a Big thank you for all your assistance with Awesome Aviation Mercy Flight.Your assistance was at the highest level and we appreciate your efforts with our mercy flight,
Until our next flight!

Kind regards

-Craig Huppe
Awesome Aviation
South Africa

"Thank you very much for your superior services.


-Gilbert Adam
Manager Intl ops & Support

“Good day S.B. Team, thank you for your outstanding service and your support. We have been very impressed with your teams professionalism and customer service; in our opinion your team has been the best flight support crew we have ever done business with. Keep up the outstanding work.”
-Kevin Blanco
V.P,Fuelstream INC

“Hi all, your services has been great and I would like to thank your team for all the efforts with our flight.”
-Craig Huppe
Awesome Aviation

“We thank you for your good work, confidence,cooperation and comprehension”
 – Christophe Emard
 Libyan Arab Cargo – AN124 Operators

“Great work thank you very much. Best Regards”
-Paragon Global
United Kingdom

“Hello S.B-MAN Ops, first many thanks for the service provided by your staff for our flight to NDJ. There was a perfect service without any problems, looks like you guys did a sterling job down there”
-Steve Ellis
Paragon Global
United Kingdom

"Thank you very much S.B-MAN, was indeed a good job,please forward my special thanks to everyone involved."
-Mujgan Bozkurt
Ground Operations Manager
Atlantic Air Charter