Not only does S.B-MAN have offices at many airports of entry across Africa we also have major presence in smaller airports as well where quality services are difficult to access. We maintain a professional attitude wherever we are to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Ghana struck oil a few years ago and the sector is consequently growing attracting many​ international oil companies like Eni oil & AOS-Orwell international oil company. Most of these companies have offices in the capital Accra and Takoradi which is now considered Ghana's oil town.

S.B-MAN has provided major ancillary services for  ​Eni oil​ in Ghana's main AOE; DGAA. Similarly we have provided support at smaller airports like DGTK in Ghana​ which is close to the  offshore oil rigs.​ In the year 2015 we worked for Inaer aviation, a company providing logistic and other support for Eni oil. Our services to them mostly included crew and pax transfer,visa facilitation,aircraft security,ramp handling etc

We are happy to know that we are contributing our quota to the development of the oil and gas industry in Ghana.
S.B-MAN"......we are on your side"