Around September 2014 the world was hit by the deadly ebola virus. Case counts grew steadily to become a pandemic affecting hundreds of people especially in West Africa. Worse hit was Liberia,Sierra Leone & Guinea.

​In response international organisations especially the UN mobilized technical assistance directed towards affected countries.​ These technical assistance mainly involved moving doctors,drugs,equipment and sometimes evacuation of certain foreigners back home.

S.B-MAN your reliable partner in Africa due to our strategic position and coverage was in the helm of affairs. We provided ground handling services successfully for over 40 strategic relief operations into Liberia and Sierra Leone operated by the United Nations. This was particularly challenging in the face of the virus outbreak as our ground staff needed special training and outfits to meet the unusual situation.

We worked 24/7 to make all their operations a success. S.B-MAN is glad our input helped put the situation under control eventually. S.B-MAN is 10 years now and we are poised more than ever in providing reliable and satisfying services to our numerous clients all over the world.

S.B-MAN ".....we are on your side.